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IWC Portofino design, in fact, can be traced back to the earliest in 1953, when IWC published a model 380 style, simple big three-pin, the overall appearance of the Park in June 1984 Parker Fenuo series before the official release of the foundation, And the first paragraph Park Tao Fenuo watch 5251, equipped with a 9521 pocket watch movement, not only the diameter of 46mm, but also with the moon phase display, but the future development of Park Tao Fenuo has narrowed the size

Portofino in the past it is simple appearance, less complex function options, silently in the IWC brand as the cornerstone of entry, perhaps to enter the world of IWC, Park Tao Fenuo is the easiest way to start.After the improvement of the IWC Portofino replica watches shell is sleek and full of many, and sapphire mirror blue coating is done just right, face plate color is no color, and also do that kind of black gray gray texture, the head of the column and Roughly the same is true. Fly in the ointment is REP printed English letters to look a little shallow, the pointer is not smooth enough,Side contrast to the original and IWC Portofino replica watches to do exactly the same, the thickness of the same, are about 9mm.IWC Portofino replica watches sometimes really beyond your imagination, you can hardly find any flaws! And the price is reasonable, I think when you can not afford the price of the original watch, replica watches or you are a good choice,