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The grand history of the pilot watch dates back to 1936 IWC in the first half of the 20th century began to study the pilot watch, is the first to meet the challenges of one of the watchmakers. The first Schaffhausen "large" pilot watch history began in 1936, pure black dial, high contrast luminous pointer, with a luminous logo rotating glass mirror ring, minute hand clear and easy to read (also left a small second hand) The The watch with its excellent performance and design, once the advent of that much sought after, its use of 83 manual winding movement, with automatic damping function, has a magnetic field interference function, people call it Mark IX. This movement has undergone rigorous testing and calibration under extreme conditions and temperature changes. Mark X was born in 1940, is the military provisions of the modified section, although not the pilot special watch, but because of the same type of movement, but also much now the favor of today's collectors.

Replica IWC pilot watches series watch does not look like a function on the complex, dial clean and clear, dial is also black and white, but the white dominates, the classic diamond-shaped white black edge minute hand slightly lower, 40mm dial Big time for men and women to wear, 3 time to show you the function of the watch not only to show the time, simple but not simple, classic stainless steel case with calfskin strap, tough, atmospheric, comfortable to wear. Really like the simple wind and the pilots watch the watch friends of the best choice.

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